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Don't Forget To Be Awesome!

We believe that life is better when you can be your authentic self.

YES! We're proud of who & what we are.

Pride was started by the rebellious who wanted to change the world, we want the world to change and understand that we're not going anywhere but up to equal.

Our History

We're at an odd place between being accepted and in some circles put on a pedestal, while also being told that we need to hide and hat we're all just abominations.

Our Present

We don't know what the future holds, what we do know is that all of our actions will lead us there as a unified team working to make everyones lives "normal" in that we should have had from day one. Never let the ones who tell you you're not good enough get to you.


You are a wonderful person, and you belong.

Our Future

Hire An


Hire An 


Hire An



Buzz The Entertainer

Buzz is a LGBTQIA+ member taking the B(P) in the alphabet, his list of reasons why remembering and celebrating Pride is vast, chief among them, remembering you are valid, you are here, and you are loved. 

"As a queer entertainer I know how to connect with an audience, while keeping on topic, on time, and on brand." 

Let's work together for an event, the future, and for fun.

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