What We Offer.

Over a decade of entertainment from one man. The event entertainment is here. 


Buzz started comedy in 2008. While he's usually adding comedy to his stage shows, he's been known to go out to the other stages.


Taking inspiration from Penn & Teller and the Masked Magician in that magic should be entertaining and everyone should know that it's only an effect.


Buzz started performing hypnosis shows in 2017. Buzz studied hypnosis for about two years, he found the information and found an instructor.

Entertainment Services


Buzz is a contract DJ for KZNC Party DJs and Midnight Productions DJ Service. Buzz has developed a reputation for being fun, and organized.


Let your family, friends, party goers, or patrons be the star. Buzz will take the back seat and encourage a fun filled night of signing the classics. modern, and others.

Live Stage

It doesn't matter if you need an actor, emcee, or an entertainment professional, Buzz has been an Master of Ceremonies, Musical support, and Play support.

Video Acting

Buzz started in high school, then went to college for Broadcast Communication. Buzz has won several KABE awards for his skills. 

Voice Acting

Acting for Buzz comes as second nature and Voice Acting is no different. Buzz has the voice that you need for your next project, you may request a sample.

Drag Performances

Fun, Energetic, and Funny, those are the qualities you want in a queen . This Diva can take a role as a performer, host, host of Bingo, or well any event.

Self-Help Services

Smoking Cessation

Online or in-person, we want to make sure that when you're ready we give you the tools to flip the switch and live a smoke-free life. If you're happy and content smoking this program isn't for you.

Weight Loss

Over eating, stress eating and well, life sometimes isn't the most friendly to the waist line. Buzz knows all to well the struggles of needing to lose weight. Let him help you fit in to a happier life.

Stress Management

Stress gets to the best of us if life is getting too stressful Buzz can give you a trigger that will help you manage your stress better and in a very subtle way.

Event Planning/Coordinating

Planning Weddings, Parties, and any event in between. Buzz has an eye for details, and will help you navigate the complicated world of Event Planning.


Small and Mid-sized Theater Lighting, Social Media, Business Management, Web-Site Design, Digital Content Management, and Customer Service.

Video Production

From conception to final roll-out Buzz has been there with project start to finish and every avenue in between. 

Professional Services