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Great! You Got This. (Literally)

Now that your print has arrived let's go over how to install the included mounting adhesives.

Now that you've removed the poster inside of the poster sleeve you will find a small plastic bag with several mounting strips, take these out of the sleeve before attempting to remove your print as we don't want to harm the print.


Now that your prints have arrived on your doorstep it's time to get to the fun part. Open the box from either end and carefully remove the print in the sleeve. Depending on the size of your print(s) you may find tissue paper in one end to help secure your print during travel.


Now that your poster is up and ready for viewing enjoy. Watch as it ensnares the viewer to see your message.


Peel off one side of the clear mounting strips and adhere them to the back of the poster applying gentle pressure for about fifteen seconds each. Then remove the remaining plastic and hold to clean surface for fifteen to thirty seconds.


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