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Chief Entertainment Officer


Here to make the impossible...possible.

I'm here to help make your entertainment experience excellent.

About Buzz

Buzz is the owner and main performer here with Assassin Entertainment. He started under the name Buzz Entertainment however a quick Google search proved that name wouldn't work well as there is a Buzz Entertainment Group, really nice people, but didn't want to share the name. 

Buzz has been involved in martial arts since 2013 and a few people made the joke that if the whole "entertainment" thing didn't work out at least he'd know how to be "muscle" for might even be a hit man. Well Buzz took this idea and ran with it, since he likes darker themes and having fun, and know's a thing or two about marketing he decided to start Assassin Entertainment with the social media handle @HireAnAssassin and #HireAnAssassin. 

Don't worry he doesn't really kill people, it's just a catchy name, and our personal way of reminding ourselves "*not to take ourselves so seriously that we forget to have fun".  

*(Credit to SPI, COFS)

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