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Refunds & Exchanges

Assassin Entertainment LLC generally does not issue refunds or offer exchanges for tickets to a show regardless of attendance to the event. We take pride in our services and will gladly listen to all feedback. Keep in mind entertainment may not always reflect your view and opinions. When this happens we ask that you understand that joke or act may not have been well received by you, however we are not able to write a full show that wouldn’t leave you thinking…even if we could we wouldn’t we believe that entertainment can be a catalyst for social and economic change and we want to challenge your beliefs and ideology. How else do you know what you firmly believe in…if it’s never challenged. That all said you’re welcome to contact us to let us know about you experience and your preferred resolution. 


Policy’s & Procedures


Assassin Entertainment LLC requires all media to be in full color when printed or displayed unless discussed and approved in writing (digital or written). Images should clearly represent their original form and should not be modified in a manner that is not visually appealing. We work hard to maintain our image as a quality professionals in the entertainment industry. All media found on our site or distributed directly to you is the intellectual property of Assassin Entertainment LLC.

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