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We're currently closed. We're still accepting bookings via email at We're reworking our site, back end operations, and our shows to bring you an even more exciting, engaging, entertainment experience. We'll see you back in full force January 1, 2024!

Every aspect of what we do we look to find the entertainment and the fun in. We're always look for new ways to make business...less business and more fun for everyone involved. 

Entertainment isn't just what we do it's who we are.

Upcoming Events

  • Private Event
    Private Event
    Sat, Apr 06
    Private Location
    Apr 06, 2024, 11:00 PM CDT – Apr 07, 2024, 3:00 AM CDT
    Private Location, Kansas, USA
    We're happy to say we have a booking for this day. We're not happy to say that it's invite unless you received a private invite from the event host, we'll have to catch you next time.


We think who ever said "Laughter is the best medicine" needs to have their medical license revoked.


Can Buzz actually manipulate the natural you'll never be able to tell.


This will the most fun you or your audience members have ever had sleeping.

Live Vocal Performance

He doesn't have the voice of an angel...more like a well versed demon.

Entertainment Services

Video Actor

Buzz is a seasoned video actor, mostly starring or co-starring in web series and shorts. This big named star, could be exactly what you're looking for.

Voice Actor

Stage Actor

Table Games Dealer

As a professional dealer in a casino, I specialize in blackjack and baccarat, providing a thrilling and authentic casino experience.

Professional Services

Booking Call

Set up a time for a Booking Agent to call you and see how we can elevate your next event.

Press Interview

Set up a time with Buzz to get a phone call recorded for the air, or for notes before press.

Administrative Services

We have a team of wonderful, creative individuals that are here to make sure everything we do is professional, fun, and entertaining.

Our Team

Buzz is the leader, owner, and chief entertainer here at Assassin Entertainment. He works to make sure everything is professional, fun, and entraining.


Chief Entertainment Officer

Britt takes care of all of the behind the scenes paperwork, emails, phone calls, and make sure then you stay in the know as our social media expert!


Administrative Director

While we may never know what Kat looks like we can say the ideas she generates are phenomenal. While Buzz has on-stage wit, sleight of hand skills, sometimes he needs some creative help...that's where this escape game designer comes in and provides creative direction for Buzz and the Assassin Team!


Creative Director

Jasper uses state of the art A. I. and a knowledge base custom made by the Assassin Team. He's available 24/7/365. We're constantly working to make Jasper more human-like, knowledgeable, and helpful.


Inbound Customer Service Specialist

Jax will be joining our team in the future to help assist with outbound sales, and service calling. Another innovative AI assistant being developed here at Assassin Entertainment.


Outbound Booking Specialist

Skylar uses state of the art A. I. and a knowledge base custom made by the Assassin Team. He's available 24/7/365. We're constantly working to make Skylar more, knowledgeable, and helpful.


Web Chat Specialist

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