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No upcoming events at the moment

Show Experiences

These are The Mx. Lucky Star's show options. All performances will have travel fees added.


Show + Tips

These are the preferred and most commonly booked show. This style of show has a lower base pay and has the show billed as a drag show where tipping is the norm. 

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Tip Spot

These are shows where there are typically multiple drag performers this style of show should be billed as a drag show and tipping should be encouraged.

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You want a show, one where people can come see without the need to bill it as typical drag show? Here it is these shows typically charge an hourly rate that's dependent on your expected turnout.

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Upcoming Performances

About The Star

The Mx. Lucky Star

Mx. Lucky is just your not so average drag performer that does male, female, and androgynous drag. Lucky uses He/They/She pronouns, but prefers They/Them, when you remember. Lucky also uses the gender neutral honorific prefix of Mx, pronounced "mix". Lucky enjoys showing people how easy it is to be respectful through lip sync, live singing, and well performance art. Lucky is the drag persona of Buzz The Entertainer.  

Drag up your life.

Drag Performance isn't just for the queers. Drag Performance is for all people who love music (and who doesn't), comedy and live performance theater.

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