Your Personal Tech Coach is Here!

Buzz has been in Kansas all of his life, helping people with technology for free. Now he's here to be you personal on-demand technology coach. 


Quick Call

You give us a call and pay per minute. We recommend this if you need us to help you quickly and on the phone for smaller issues. 

In-Person Help

We come to you, sit down and teach you how to use your physical device, online application, or just how to send an email. We're here to help you figure this out.

Just Get it Done

Don't want to learn how to do it or even what to do? We'll come to you and just do what needs done. 


We keep our pricing simple and affordable.


In-Person Support


Our price to come to you is $25 and that get's you an hour with each additional hour costing $25. We don't count the time it takes to collect your payment as part of your service time.

Phone Support


Our phone support starts at $5 and that gets you your first five minuets, then it's a dollar a minute after that. We only bill until it's time for payment, and we do not count the time to answer the call, while collecting your information, or payment.

Just Get it Done!


If you want us to come to you diagnose what needs done and just do it, we absolutely can do that. We'll explain anything you want and get on our way, this service is $40 for the first hour and $20 per additional hour.

About Buzz

Buzz is first and foremost and entertainer. He does comedy, magic, hypnosis, and is a DJ. Buzz has helped people over the years learn new skills with technology. Now he's ready to help you get to know your digital companion better.

Local Tech Coach

Buzz | Bryan Snyder-Brown

(816) 200-0575

Hays, KS 67601

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