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You're the go to person when the Lead isn't available. You don't need to worry too much about keeping your availability open, this position is very much "as needed" and is well suited for an avid karaoke regular. 


As lead DJ you're expected to be there running karaoke night most of the time. You are also in charge of scheduling social media posts for karaoke, letting the owners know of any up keep needed, and scheduling/finding reliable back up when you can not be at karaoke.

Emergency DJ

The title say's it all, you are third in command on this ship and you will work as such. You may be called on a few times a year when the Lead and Back -up are not able to make it. Just because you're the Emergency DJ doesn't make you any less valuable. 

Horseshoe Karaoke DJ Application & Information

Buzz is moving and we (The Horseshoe Bar & Grill) is in need of a new Karaoke DJ. All of the technical skills can be taught to a monkey...we just need to find a monkey that has style, a voice, and the charisma to pull it off. Let's start by letting you know the positions available.


You should feel like a friend that people only get to see a few times a year. Friendly, caring, and very likable. The Horseshoe is a very high niche place. So you will need to fit in. 


You may need to juggle several things at the same time, not literally although that would definitely help with your interview. 


We get it sometimes you have bad days, so do we. You can't let your mood or how your day has gone affect how you DJ. People are coming here for entertainment. You need to be there for them. 


Think of the Karaoke DJ position like an Emcee or host of the night. Keeping things running smoothly is your goal. It's not always easy, but it is always necessary.


This may come as a surprise but people have been known to drink at the Horseshoe and thus may be drunk when conversing with you. You need to make sure you can appropriately navigate intoxicated persons, while not drinking yourself. The Horseshoe will not allow the DJ to drink.

Technical Skills

Honestly we could probably train a monkey to work the computer and the you're smarter than a monkey right? Well this part is fully teachable, so we'll worry about this later. If you can update your Facebook profile picture we feel confidant that you can figure this out.

Here's what we're looking for.


The Horseshoe is very competitive in what we pay our Karaoke DJ. Pay is partially based on experience. However this is for three and a half hours of work, plus set up and teardown (laptop, microphones, jukebox, and locking up the equipment). You are also comped a meal on the night that you run .

If you apply you will audition.

The audition process will be simple, you will DJ (with Buzz running the software), and do all of the announcements and crowd interaction. After everyone has auditioned the patrons of the Horseshoe will vote on their new DJ. The person with the most votes will take over as Lead DJ, the second highest votes will take over as Back-up (if Jerrett doesn't want it) and the person with he third highest votes will be the Emergency DJ. Jerrett is well established at the Horseshoe and will be given the opportunity to select the position he would like to hold. He has expressed that he doesn't want to be Lead DJ.

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