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Accepting Payments for Assassin Entertainement

1: Log into the CRM (Customer Relations Management) software

2: Select the icon that’s encompassed in red below.

or “Main Menu” and then Event List.

3: Click anywhere on the corresponding event.

4: Select “Add Payment”

The following needs to filled out as follows.

A: Select the method of payment.

B: Enter the amount of payment.

C: Most will be “Additional”, however some may be “Deposit” or “Retainer”. 

D: Select the current date for the payment.

E: Do Not Select this field.

F: Please notate the account with your name followed by GG for Gamer’s Guild. If the payment is a check or money order, please put in the check or money order number in the notation.

G: Select “Save”.

Finally put the payment in one of the envelopes and send it to Buzz. 

Thank you.

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