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Book an entertainer that they'll

remember forever.



Comedy is a great way to break that ice between students and chaperones, and well between students and students. If you've got a room full of negative energy that you want reversed or just want to make sure the night starts off on a positive note, we've got your back.


Start their magical night off with some "actual" magic. Okay it's not real, but we won't tell if you won't. Buzz will get your student, staff and maybe even you (if you're willing) involved in a night of wonderment.


It sounds like a perfect idea, they come to prom. Sleep thru it and wake remembering they had a wonderful time. Okay, that's not really what Buzz does, but it's pretty close. They remember what happened and only 5-10% are "sleeping".

Basic Pricing

Our basic pricing is as follows there are some exceptions and discounts available. Prices do not include add ons or travel expenses.


Stage Show


A stage show consisting of Comedy, Magic, and Hypnosis this can be from 30-90 minuets of worry-free entertainment. Buzz loves these shows, and loves to see your crowd wowed!



Buzz will walk around and entertain your crowd with comedy, magic, and even hypnosis. This is billed per hour and the set up and the initial walk around so Buzz knows where his zone(s) is/are is not part of this time.

Day Pricing


Need up to 8 hours of entertainment a day? Well then this might be the best option for you. This can be a 10 hour block with a minimum of four thirty minuet breaks or two hour breaks in the entertainment schedule.

*Not applicable for Kids Shows.

What is Walk-Around Entertainment?

This is where Buzz is not at one spot but will wander around the Fair area and approach people. We prefer that you let people know that Buzz will be there in your advertising, but if not he'll "bark" himself.

What is a Stage Show?

This can be on any stage Buzz just needs access to a power outlet, or to your sound system.

We don't have a sound system is that okay?

Buzz has sound options that he can bring, or if you have a smaller crowd he can simply project his voice...he's been in theatre and public speaking for a while.

Do you offer custom pricing?

Of course! We list our basic pricing so you have an idea of what we charge. Any show may be custom quoted by a real live human. Just give us a call at (833) 464-2899.

My Question isn't listed here. Can I ask a person?

Yes! You may call, text or email us at (833) 464-2899 or at

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions...and answers.

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