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Buzz is going places.

Buzz has been performing for over a decade as a wedding DJ, and as a comedian. He's been doing magic and hypnosis shows since 2017. He's where Buzz has been. 

The Future

Buzz is looking to expand Assassin Entertainment and part of that expansion plan is moving to Kansas City, Missouri in the middle part of 2021.

The Past

Buzz started his career in entertainment in 2008 doing stand up comedy in a Hotel in Hays, KS. Magic and Illusions caught his eye he was 14 years old, and he fixated on Penn & Teller. Hypnosis was taken up after watching a hypnotist at the Kansas State Fair. Buzz decided to look into the skill of hypnosis and after going to college for psychology, it wasn't much of a leap. 

The Present

Buzz is stationed in Hays, KS and has been a local since he was in diapers. He is well known in the area as the "Magic Man" or the "Karaoke  Guy from the Horseshoe Bar and Grill". Buzz looks to make every event memorable and fun for everyone involved. 

Dr. Buzz

Doctor Bryan Snyder-Brown. Hon PhD Comedic Sciences

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Buzz has an Honorary Doctorate from Abide University in Comedic Sciences. This means when Buzz tells you "Don't worry I'm a Doctor." you can technically trust him. We're not going to say he's going to save your life...unless you need a joke or a funny moment Stat!

The Assassin Team


Brittany is one of our booking agents and out social media guru. You may see her out at a show as she also runs the technical side for Buzz in live stage shows. 


Ethan is one of our booking agents and while you'll likely not see him in person he's a true asset in customer service and show design. This man helps Assassin Entertainment in more aspects than we have space for.


Jen is one of our booking agents and she is an expert in customer service, another person that you'll likely see in person. You may see her in videos as she is also one of out behind the scenes video producers.

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