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Setting the Bar for Entertainment

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Laughter is the best medicine...unless you're actually sick


In the process of promoting Buzz we'll also be promoting your business, after all we're after the same thing...exposure and money.


Buzz knows how to work a room. He'll interact with people in a way that allows them to feel immersed and involved. Anyone can stand up and recite from memory, Buzz's quick whit and sense of humor really shines through.


We get it you're in business to make money, so are we. We work with you to find solutions to make your night with Buzz, unforgettable for your patrons, and never regrettable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a set/performance?

Buzz currently performs stand up comedy from 10-45 minutes.

Will Buzz be making fun/roasting my patrons?

Buzz will make jokes at others expense, but he alwasys thank's them at the end and shakes their hand.

Is Buzz family friendly?

Buzz doesn't like censorship, but he understands he's in your house so to speak, and thus you're rules are to be followed.

Will Buzz promote my drink and food specials on the night of the performance?

Yes. Provided you let him know aht those specials are before the show begins.

Does Buzz drink on the job?

No. Buzz doesn't drink while working. After everything is done, he may have a drink with you or a patron. Buzz doen't drink while working.

Do you have a question that's not here?

Message us at HireAnAssassin on all social media, email, or call (833) 464-2899.d

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