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Your Next Ad Campaign Just Got Bigger!

Welcome to Assassin Ads, we had to learn to advertise. Now we'll help you. Our ad boards are popping up, and you can be a part of that widespread message.


Take a look at where you can get your message posted for a day, week, month, or year.


Here's our pricing list. We use our name in most of our marketing. So the names fit the product time line. We like to keep marking simple and fun.


Serial Killer


Do you have a plan, or need a plan? This is a month by month plan for those messages that don't last all that long, or if you just want to see what we do.

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Quick Hit


Need a quick message sent out? Don't worry we've got you covered. Birthday wishes, a customer appreciation day, or just a one off message.

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Murderous Rampage


Wow! You're committed to your message and so are we. This is a plan for those who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it.

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Design & Scheduling

Design isn't fun, we can design a motion ad for you, or a static one. You can also send us the .mp4 or .jpg and we'll get your message out there. 

Static Design


Static Design: Here's what we do.

  • Professional Design

  • Quick Response

  • Logo Integration

  • Picture Integration

  • Scheduling Fees Included

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Motion Design


Motion, or Video: Here's what we do.

  • Professional Design

  • Responsive

  • Logo Integration

  • Pic/Video Integration

  • Scheduling Fees Included

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Scheduling Fees

These only apply if you send us the design yourself. 

Design Specifications

$2/per day & time slot

This feel only applies to time slots at a business, each business has different schedule needs. Please contact us to get details on specific locations. 

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Tel: (833) 464-2899

Hays, KS

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